Bevenbi Metallized film Hi-end audio capacitor


MKPA-C series 

Horizontal cylindrical, high purity tinned copper wire, MKPA-C series products are made of high-density polypropylene substrate with Vacuum dust-free steam aluminum-tin alloy coating. It is heat treatment in laboratory environment.The electrodes of some types of products are proportionally matched with copper, silver and other materials, and covered with 94V-0 flame-retardant insulating epoxy resin. Lead wire with tinned copper wire. It looks clean and elegant appearance. After the launch of the product, it was 

received many praise from domestic and foreign customers .It is the best choice for customers who pursue high quality music effect and pay attention to product cost. The application arrange of MKPA-C series are those of high-end amplifier, frequency divider, HIFI audio and High fidelity vacuum tube machine


Capacitor Tolerance

± 1%(F)、± 2.5%(H)、± 5%(J)

Max dissipation

( tan δ ): Max. 0.0007(0.07%) For "MKPA-C" AT 10000Hz

Working Temperature

- 40 ºC TO +100ºC


C ≤ 0.33μF , I.R. ≥ 10000 Mega-Ohm (AT 25 ºC, 1min)C > 0.33μF , I.R ≥ 8000 Mega-Ohm (AT 25 ºC, 1min)

humidity test

Max. 5% D.F. Max 2% I.R. Min. 7,000 Mega-ohm Under R.H. 95%@40ºC 1,000 Hours

life test

Label voltage 160% of the rated operating voltage is 85 C / 2,000 hours

Wire bending test

Go back and forth at 90 twice without breaking

strain relief test

25 C 1.5kgs / 30 min

Post time: Nov-13-2020
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