Dissipation Factor of Capacitor

Metallized polyester film (MET/MKT/PE) frequency division capacitors have a test frequency of 1KHZ, and the maximum allowable dissipation factor value cannot be greater than 1%. The test frequency of metallized polypropylene film (MPT/MKP/PP) is also 1KHZ, and the maximum allowable dissipation factor value cannot be greater than 0.1%.But in order to make the frequency response more flat and perfect, you can also request the capacitor to specify its test frequency at a higher frequency (for example, 3KHZ 6KHZ 10KHZ or even 20KHZ, preferably the same frequency as the set crossover point) Set the highest allowable dissipation factor value and rated capacitance value-about this point audio professional capacitor manufacturers can cooperate to meet this requirement.


For example, the dissipation factor value is directly proportional to the capacitor’s grade series internal resistance (ESR), so the sound quality is not only related to the dissipation factor value, but also closely related to the sound transmission speed and the dissipation factor value. The lower the dissipation factor value, the lower the internal resistance value, so the transmission speed is also better, and the higher the dissipation factor value is, the opposite.


From the above understanding, the quality of capacitors and audio speakers (whether for household or car use) is very important. The error value must be accurate, the withstand voltage value must be sufficient, and the dissipation factor must be low.

Post time: Nov-04-2020
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