Metallized Film Capacitor

The characteristics of the capacitor are mainly in the electronic circuit: passing AC and blocking DC. The working mode of the capacitor in the circuit is to use the charge and discharge characteristics of the capacitor to achieve the effects of filtering, bypass, coupling, decoupling, and conversion.

Metallized Film Capacitor

According to the material, it is divided into ceramic capacitors, electrolytic capacitors, mica capacitors, plastic capacitors, etc. According to the manufacturing process and shape, it is divided into horizontal, vertical, box type, and encapsulation; soft wire lead, hard linear lead, terminal lead, nut Lead etc...

The audio capacitor we often talk about, its role usually refers to the filter circuit of the functional part of the power amplifier, the correction circuit or the filter 

circuit of the audio frequency division part. In high-end audio frequency division capacitors, most of them are horizontal capacitors. According to the material selection, most of them are polypropylene capacitors.


Since there is no special training school for capacitors, the names and manufacturing processes of capacitors within the industry and outside the industry are also ever-changing. For this reason, we will make a simple description of the names, performance and materials of products that are used more in the audio part. Hope to bring convenience to everyone's use.

Product naming and basic characteristics

Note: Many users often mistakenly say that MKP is better than MPT. In fact, it is a misunderstanding that the materials are the same type (all metalized polypropylene films). The only difference is the difference of the manufacturer and the different name.

  •           Material

Comprehensive comparison

Metallized polyester film

Metallized polypropylene film

Name in Asia



Name in Europe and America



Chinese Name



Temperature Resistance







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