• Metallized Film Capacitor
  • Axial Capacitor
  • Electrolytic Capacitor

اسان جا قلمدان



    All machine will be packed by high quality seaworthy wooden carton.



    Engineers is available to go abroad to install and debug.



    we will offer professional propose according to your inquiry.

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اسان وعدو

1. Bevenbi بالڪل IEC (بين الاقوامي Electrotechnical ڪميشن) جي معيار مطابق capacitors سفر جي تياري ڪندو.

2. Bevenbi کي اعلي معيار جي خام مال سڀ وقت استعمال ڪندو، اسان جي گراهڪن کي خرچ ۽ ڪارڪردگي جي وچ ۾ هڪ ڀرپور نظر اچي حاصل ڪري تسليم ڪيو.

3. Bevenbi جيئن جلد جيئن اسان جي گراهڪن جي جيئرو ڪنهن پيداوار سوالن جو صاف ڪندو.

4. Bevenbi سخت ڪوشش خرچ جي خاتمي ۽ معيار کي يقيني جي بنياد تي گراهڪن فائدو حاصل ڪرڻ ٿيندو.

5. Bevenbi capacitor درخواست حل مفت سان گراهڪن مهيا ڪندو.

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  • Certificates


    Our products Passed ISO9001: 2015 quality management system certification, and obtained major national safety certifications. It has internationalized, standardized and standardized integrated management to manufacture safe products.

  • Advanced equipment

    Advanced equipment

    We have a large number of international advanced production equipment, first-class production materials. The plant area is 2500 square meters, and the annual production capacity of 100000000pcs has a large inventory and provides 24-hour after-sales service.

  • Cooperation customer

    Cooperation customer

    Our company holds the concept of "mutual benefit and win-win, and customer building industry life", insisting on people-oriented and implementing environmental protection concept, we have been cooperating with Samsung for 5 years, with B&W for 6 years. With the relentless march of technological progress, more and more Famous business such as HiVi, LG, JBL, Wharfedale and IAG and so on, willing to establish long partnership with us.

  • Our Agents from Indonesia, Italy, India

    Our Agents from Indonesia, Italy, India

    1. Indonesia Jakarta: Tel: 0062 21 55784226 Email: enigmaaudios@gmail.com Address: Pergudangan bandara mas blok F No.1 kel. Kedaung wetan Kec. Neglasari Kota Tangerang 15128 2. Italy AUDIOELETTRONICA: Address: Via di Sant'Alessandro 7 00131 Rome Italy Telephone: 0039 3894511558 Mail: audioelettronics@gmail.com 3. India DIYAUDIOCART: Location: NO: 2 Kannagi st Kannigapuram Avadi chennai 600054 contact: Mob +91 9384833006/ +91 9840112510 Website: www.diyaudiocart.com Email: storeadmin@diyaudiocart.com

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